OFfice services available

Hot desks

Large desk to yourself, 24” monitor and of course a great chair

Co-working Tables

A seat at a large square conference table, bring your laptop and settle in

shared office Bedfordshire

Phone Booths

Purpose built phone booths with seat, sound muffling, shelf for laptop plus USB & plug socket to keep you charged. Phone booths are booked using an hour and half booking slots. This enables time to set up your laptop and get comfy before your call and time afterwards for the booth to be sanitised

meeting room

This meeting room can seat 2-4 people and can be booked online for half or full days. For any periods longer than that please contact us to discuss.

Virtual Office Service

YO virtual office services gives you the benefit of a High Street address without any expensive overheads while also providing privacy to a residential address or a base for those companies moving to working fully remote.

Frequently asked questions

Hot-desking and co-working spaces are desks or seats at a table, that can be booked as and when needed, providing a comfortable office environment but without the commute and without the commitment of leases or contracts to secure an office space.

With so many people no longer needing to go into London to work, working from home is so much more acceptable to companies however actually working from your home is not always ideal; living where you work, no space for a good office set-up, wifi isn’t fast enough for reliable video calls, too many distractions or maybe not enough.  

You choose when and how long you want to use a hot-desk,  if you have video or conference calls and there are lots of distractions at home, Your Office can provide peace to focus.  Maybe you want a change of scenery a few days a week or somewhere to go to every day, to ‘go to work’ and not live where you work.  If so book 4 week packages and be minutes from Your Office, no commute and a fraction of the train fare.

Your own large desk, ergonomic chair, computer screen, plug sockets and USB ports.  

If you book the week or 4 week packages you get a lockable pedestal so you can leave things at Your Office overnight (and weekends for 4 week bookings).

Your Office provide HDMI / xxx cables to connect your laptop.  If your laptop doesn’t have a xxxx port you will need a different cable to fit your device to the HDMI socket on the monitor.

This is a large communal table for you to sit at with your laptop, with an ergonomic chair, sockets and USB ports. All social-distanced between you and your neighbour.

We have 2 different high speed fibre-optic wifi lines from different providers and different lines to ensure we’ll always be online.

Details of the wifi are on the desks along with chair adjustment instructions and local printing options.

No membership or contracts are needed, you simply pay when booking and agree to our Terms and Conditions. You use Your Office under a Licence to Occupy. Nothing in the Terms and Conditions confers any security of tenure or other rights of exclusive possession or rights of occupation on a YO User.

While Covid is in our lives we need to be able to identify who has been in the office each day and ensure that everyone knows exactly where they are sitting when they arrive.  We also need to ensure that numbers do not exceed the desks and that everyone has an allocated desk space.

You can book hot desks by the day, week or 4 weekly; co-working seats are booked by the day and you can book as many days as you want at a time.

There is one meeting room that can be booked, under current Covid guidelines this can seat 2 people.

If you’re booking either a hot desk or a seat at the co-working table you can select the one you want using the floor plan.

If you have a week or 4 week desk booked there is a secure desk-side pedestal.

Yes we have 3 purpose built phone booths, with a seat plus shelf with a plug socket, for laptops, phones, taking notes etc.

Go online, choose the date or period you want to book,  the type of desk you want, complete the booking form, pay and you’ll receive a confirmation.  When booking you’ll have the option to book phone booth slots and the meeting room.

There is a small kitchen with fridge, microwave, kettle and filter coffee machine as well as coffee, teas and milk.  Please clearly label anything put in the fridge.  The fridge will be cleared out every Friday evening and we ask that no strong smelling foods are heated up as they will carry throughout the office.

We don’t have a printer however there SnappySnaps are directly opposite the front door and will quickly print off anything you need. ( ). J Howells stationers (Hitchin St) have a bigger printer for more complex requirements.

There are instructions on the desk along with the wifi details.

Yes there is step-free access to YourOffice from the front of the building but no disabled toilet.

On arrival each day, you need to use the hand sanitiser at the entrance to Your Office 

Scan the QR code for Track & Trace

Take your temperature using the digital forehead thermometer and record it on the sheet for the day.  This is really important for both Covid compliance but also for us to verify who is in, in the event of an emergency.

If you have parked in the car park, complete your registration number alongside your name so we know the spaces are only being used by Your Office members.

Please speak to Val who will be in the office, or if she’s unavailable, e-mail and someone will get back to you shortly.

Your Office will be open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6.30pm.  If weekend bookings are required contact

Unfortunately the utilities are contracted by the landlord for the whole building and we have no control over the provider.  We do provide recycling bins and encourage their use.

We offer a flexible cancellation policy which varies according to the duration of the booking.  Daily bookings can be cancelled up to midnight the day before the booking and weekly booking by Thursday the week before.

There are 3 parking spaces, right outside the rear of the building, on a first come basis.

There is space inside for 2 bikes (behind the stairs on the ground floor) additional provision may be possible if this is a popular option.

We are located on the High Street, Biggleswade, SG18 0JE.


The front door is to the right of the Nationwide Building Society  where you can access the 2nd floor by stairs or the lift.

There is also an entrance on Church Street (in front of Asda) where there is parking and an entrance to the offices, stairs only.

Please refer to our Covid-19 page.

Any other questions? Please contact us on

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