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Your Office (Biggleswade) Limited


Your Office, Biggleswade Ltd provides a flexible, shared office space for individuals or small teams seeking a professional business environment. Your Office believes in creating an open and collaborative environment where everyone can do their best work and where everyone is respected and feels an included part of the community.

Please read this Agreement and Terms and Conditions carefully and revisit this page from time to time to review any changes that may have been made. We may amend these Terms and Conditions at any time by posting the amended terms on the Your Office website. All amended terms automatically take effect on the date set out in the posted Terms and Conditions, unless otherwise specified.


o Your Office: The operator of the YO Community Hub (Us/We/Our)

o The Premises: Suite 2, 2nd Floor, 27-29 High Street, Biggleswade, SG18 0JE.

o YO Community Hub: The communal working space in the Premises as designated by Your Office

o YO Desk Space: The desk or table, chair, internet access and for Hot Desks a monitor

o Hot Desk: Your own personal desk, computer monitor and office chair

o Co-working desk: An allocated space on the co-working table and office chair

o YO User: An individual who has booked a desk, seat, phone booth or meeting room. (You/Your)

By making a booking with Your Office you are making an Agreement and must accept to comply with this Agreement.


Nothing in this Agreement confers any security of tenure or other rights of exclusive possession or rights of occupation on a YO User.

You may not use the Your Office address for any post or represent it as your ownership.

1. Working Space, Term and Fee

1.1. Fee for office Space

You will pay Your Office the fee and We will let you access the YO Community Hub during the opening hours for the specified days of the Term.

1.2 Term

The period of business days booked and the opening hours within those days.

1.3. Licence to Occupy

You occupy the YO Community Hub as a licensee only and no part of the YO Community Hub is given to you for your exclusive use.

1.4. Payments

1.4.1. The Fee must be paid in full at the time of booking on-line and in accordance with the requirements as laid out in this document

1.4.2. You must pay in at time of booking on-line for all services you wish to use

2. Your Obligations

2.1. Reimburse Fees Incurred by the Landlord

You must pay Your Office on demand all expenses arising from any failure by You to comply with the Terms and Conditions as laid out in this document and any reasonable action taken by Us because You did not comply.

2.2. No damage

You must not damage the YO Community Hub or furniture in it and must not make any alterations to the YO Desk Space, YO Community Hub or to the pipes, cables, wires and ducts serving the YO Community Hub.

2.3. Failure to Comply

2.3.1. If We require You to rectify any failure to comply with Your obligations then You must comply with Our requirements immediately in the case of an emergency or otherwise promptly.

2.3.2. If at the end of the Term there are any of your possessions in the YO Community Hub We will keep those items for 14 days only after which We may sell or dispose of them as your agent without any liability or responsibility to You whatsoever.

2.3.3. If the YO Community Hub or furniture have been damaged during this Term then We will charge You the cost of putting this right after the Term ends.

2.4. YO User

2.4.1. You must only use the YO Community Hub for office use and may not store or keep any goods or equipment anywhere in the YO Community Hub;

2.4.2. You must not cause a nuisance to Us or to any other occupiers of the YO Community Hub or Premises.

2.5. Who may Occupy

2.5.1. The Licence to Occupy is personal to You.

2.5.2. Only YO Users with a booking for that day, are to come into the YO Community Hub unless a visitor who is joining a meeting in a pre-booked meeting room. If so, the YO User who has booked the meeting room is responsible for that visitor and ensuring they sign in on arrival at the YO Community Hub and comply with the Terms and Conditions of Your Office.

2.6. Management

You must comply with the terms of this Agreement and the Terms and Conditions of Your Office.

3. Our Obligations

3.1. We must provide the YO Desk Space in the YO Community Hub to You and the Services as set out in the Terms and Conditions.

4. General

4.1. Ending this Term

4.1.1. This Term will end at the end of the opening hours on the last specified working day of the booked Term.

4.1.2. The fact that this Term ends will not affect the rights of either party in relation to a previous failure to comply with these Terms & Conditions.

4.2. Limitations

4.2.1. You have no rights that would restrict our right to build or carry out works to any adjoining premises.

4.2.2. You have no rights to enforce any obligations against other occupiers of the Premises.

4.2.3. We are only liable to You for any loss or damage that You suffer that is directly caused by Us deliberately or negligently being in breach of these Terms & Conditions.

4.2.4. Under no circumstances are We responsible for any loss of profits or business loss and in any event Our liability is capped at a maximum of 100% of the total Fees that We have received from You.

4.2.5. Notwithstanding clause 4.2.3 We are not excluding Our liability for death or personal injury.

4.3. Service of Notices

Any notice must be in writing and

4.3.1 may be delivered by personal delivery to Your Office at the YO Community hub or may be sent to Us by email to

4.3.2 may be delivered to You in person or at any email address that you have notified us in writing as the appropriate email address for communicating formally with you about these Terms & Conditions.

4.4. Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999

Nothing in this Agreement or Terms & Conditions creates any rights benefiting any person under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

4.5. Confidentiality

We and You will both treat the financial terms of this Agreement as confidential and will not disclose them to others apart from Our legal and financial advisors.

4.6. Definitions and General Interpretation

These Terms & Conditions –

4.6.1. Are current at the date of this Agreement and given to You and any revised updated versions will be published on the Your Office website during the Term

4.6.2. Include that an obligation not to do something includes an obligation not to permit or allow another person to do it;

4.6.3. You will be liable for any breaches of Your obligations in these Terms & Conditions committed by – any authorised visitor that is entering the YO Community hub to attend a meeting with You; any person under Your control or acting under Your express or implied authority.

4.7. Membership of YO Community

4.7.1. By agreeing to these Terms & Conditions you become a Member of the YO Community and these Terms and Conditions set out details of the benefits of that membership and any relevant obligations that apply to it.

4.8. Data Protection

4.8.1. We will only process any personal data we collect in accordance with our privacy policy and all applicable data protection laws and regulations.

4.8.2. You confirm that any personal data supplied to Us has and in future will have the informed consent of the relevant person.

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