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YO virtual office Bedfordshire gives you the benefit of a High Street address without any expensive overheads while also providing privacy to a residential address or a base for those companies moving to working fully remote.

You can specify our address as the registered address for your company with Companies House and use our Directors Service add-on for keeping your home address private.

The Business Address option is ideal for entrepreneurs working from home and small or medium companies with no office, providing you with a more professional image with letters able to be sent here.

At the same time you can add a hot desk once a week or once a month to your order, so you have somewhere to come to do your admin, planning or just work undisturbed, with a computer screen and 2 high speed wifi lines. There is also the option of booking more desks and/or permanent desks through our Hot Desk services category.

Please see our FAQs to see how this works.

Frequently asked questions

A virtual office is a service that supplies your business with an address, thus giving you a presence in a location where you are not actually present, providing a more professional address keeping your personal address private or for businesses that have gone fully remote, an office hub. You also have access to book meeting facilities located at the virtual address and a venue for hosting events.

Consequently, you have an office presence without the high overheads or contractual commitments of a tenancy.

Registered Office address 

A Registered Office is a legal requirement for all companies registered at Companies House. This is where all official and statutory letters are delivered in relation to Companies House and HMRC.

It is the official address of your company and is publicly available for all to see. This address can be different to your usual trading address. All companies are legally required to display the registered office address on business correspondence such as letters and their website. We can provide you with a High Street address in Biggleswade, on the Herts/Beds/Cambs border.

(This service can only be used by companies that are incorporated in England & Wales or are in the process of planning to incorporate a company in this jurisdiction.)

Director’s Service Address 

The Director’s Service address is for anyone who wants to keep their residential address private and off the public register at Companies House, by using our professional High Street registered office address. All letters from Companies House can be sent to this registered address 

Business Address 

Place your business in the best possible location with a credible address and professional address.

For a limited company’s trading address, entrepreneurs working from home or a small office plus small and medium sized companies, using our address for your business will provide you with a more professional image and also allow for letters to be sent to your business name at this address.

  • Registered Office address £60 per annum + £20 set-up
  • Director’s Service Address £40 per annum + £20 set-up
  • Business Address £330 per annum + £20 set-up (pay per annum to get 1 month free)
  • £20 set-up fee + £30 per month by standing order 
  • Renewals These fees only apply for subsequent years
  • Registered Office Address renewal £60 per annum
  • Directors Address renewal £40 per annum 
  • Business Address renewal £330 per annum

We charge a minimal set-up fee of £20 as we have to run due diligence checks as part of your account set-up process.

For Registered Office and Director Services annual fees are paid on-line at time of booking.  For Business Address services the set-up fee is paid on-line and then an invoice is issued and a standing order is to be set-up.  Once the first payment has been made and our checks are completed, the service will then be active.

Setting up your virtual office is simple.  You can place an order directly from our website Booking page, where you select the services you need, book and pay.

Your Office will then contact you and send a simple questionnaire. You will also be required to supply photo identification and proof of addresses and details will be provided of what documents are accepted. (For Registered Office services, this is required for all directors with 25% share or higher.) This is best done in person and full details will be provided.

Once we have all the information we require and have completed the required due diligence checks we will notify you that your account is set up and activated.

For Business Address services if paying by standing order, this needs to be completed and the first monthly payment made before the service is active. 

Any post that is received before the services go live will be kept securely until that time.

We have a private meeting room that can be booked on-line and a large open plan meeting area that can be used for teams to work together, training  or used for an evening event.

We need to ensure there is always a seat for everyone so please email to let us know the day you’d like to come in or if weekly, arrange a regular day if that works best for you.

Any other questions? Please contact us on

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